Our Bangkok cooking school has been rated in the top 3 for classes and workshops on TripAdvisor. Read what others have to say!

Coconuts Bangkok

Deep in the Bangkok’s bustling, round-the-clock, historic flower market is a cooking school that offers atmosphere beyond compare — The Market Experience.

CK Travels

I've visited Bangkok many times over the last 10 years( I have family living in the city) and have done much of the usual tourist attractions and tours. On this particular trip I wanted to do something new but also a bit unusual and fun.

Bangkok Foodies

During our fun and foodie-licious tour with Expique, one of the highlights was the cooking class at the Flower Market with instructor, Alyssa Hanpongpandh.


Courageous Kitchen

This past weekend we had a very special activity for our junior chefs, our Courageous kids aged 11-14. This is a special age group because they have been watching their older brothers and sisters in the kitchen for several years now and helping in small ways.

For The Love of Wanderlust

The Bangkok-based tour company Expique opened up a whole new adventure for its clients earlier this year called The Market Experience

Paint Me Paradise

I was invited to take part in a new cooking class called “Cooking with a twist” in the flower market. Expique has some unique walking tours and tuk-tuk tours in Bangkok. They’ve just launched “The market experience” which includes a cooking class, flower art class, dessert class and market tour.

Travelling Outside the Box

 After a lot of internet research, I came across a cooking class at a culinary school belonging to Expique, in Bangkok. What excited me about the class was that it was held at a flower market and included a tour of the market as well as a somewhat less traditional take on Thai cooking.

Cook authentic Thai Cuisine in a local market with Chef Alyssa!!

Have a Fun, Unique Experience