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What Makes Us The Best Thai Cooking School in Bangkok

We would like to think we are one of the best Thai cooking schools in Bangkok and that our Thai cooking classes are unique. However, let’s face it, many schools will claim this. Therefore, we decided to put this post together to let you know just what makes our cooking classes unique. Here are some of the reasons:

Our unique location in the Flower Market

Our Thai cooking school is located within the Bangkok Flower Market

Most cooking schools include a visit to a fresh market as part of a class. We on the other hand are actually located inside a fresh market and one of the most famous in Bangkok. The Flower Market sells both fresh flowers and fruits & veg. You have to walk through the market to find us. Our school is located on the 2nd floor balcony within the market with vendors immediately below. We cook whilst overlooking the market. We of course go on a walk through the local market during some of our classes and you don’t have far to walk to get there!!!

Our Team of Instructors

Our team has international experience and experience working in Thai restaurants! Our General Manager and 2 main instructors, have all spent several years living and working in restaurants overseas and between them have covered China, Australia, USA and Sweden. We feel this is important as it means they can related to our guests better as they understand various cultures and the to get the fresh ingredients used in Thai cooking when overseas. Of course it also means they speak perfect English and have more of a Western sense of humour!

Our Thai Cooking Classes

We have 2 different classes and they are both unique in their own way.

Thai Cooking with a Twist – 4 hour class

Like most cooking schools in Bangkok our signature class teaches the most famous and traditional Thai dishes like green curry and pad thai, but like the name suggest we add our own little twists. Using blue butterfly pea to dye the food, using edible flowers such as lotus, serving a tom yum mocktail rather than tom yum soup. We teach in a way that shows how you can adapt recipes, and this is super important for cases when people don’t have access to all the normal ingredients in their home country.

Cook & Eat – 1 hour class

At the time of writing, as far as we are aware we are the only Thai cooking school in Bangkok to offer a 1 hour class. For some people they only want or only have time for a very quick intro to Thai cooking so we decided to get creative and create a new style of cooking class where you just learn 2 dishes. More Details

Our focus on creativity and the experience

What it comes down to is we like to get creative and we love focusing on enhancing the experience. We are in the market and that is part of the experience in itself. We don’t pretend to be in a glamourous and luxury location but it is certainly the most experiential location and the surroundings feed our creativity. We also believe that you are not just experiences how to cook Thai but you are also having an authentic Thai culture experience.


The reality is, there are a lot of great cooking schools in Bangkok and across Thailand. We like to think we are the best but there are a lot of great options to chose from.


So what are you waiting for. Book a class today! Click here for more details on our cooking school and classes

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