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Meet Tum - Thai Cooking Teacher

If you are going to take a Thai cooking class in Bangkok, then you would be lucky to get Tum as your teacher. He is quiet but passionate and humorous. Let's meet Tum to find out more!

Tum teaching Thai cooking
Tum teaching Thai cooking

Who is Tum?

My real name is Prasit. Tum is my nickname. This is my story about how I learnt to cook and eventually became a Thai cooking teacher.

In 2007, I moved to Sydney in Australia, in order to study English. At the time my English was very poor. As I could hardly speak or understand it was also hard for me to get a part time job but I eventually got a job in Thai restaurant - a stereotypical job for a Thai when they first move overseas!

I worked in the kitchen-hand position for first 6 months and then I advanced to the position to chef's assistant. I learnt a lot and my duties included preparing sauces such as pad Thai sauce and cutting vegetable and food on the daily basis. I worked here for 2 years before changing to work at The Cafe. This place gave me a lot of experience in international food but most importantly I got to practice my English more, as there were no other Thai staff in the kitchen. I worked here for 7 years, but at the same time I also worked a second job in the evening at a Thai restaurant nearby. Some days I would work 6:30am to 10:30pm! I really worked hard!

I gained a lot experience and especially with regards to cooking different foods from around the world and interacting with different cultures. I even got a chance for work in the pizza shop for 6 month as well!

In 2017, after 10 years it was time to come back to Thailand. Not long after I returned I discovered The Market Experience and I have worked there until now.

What do you like the best about teaching Thai cooking?

I love to share knowledge of Thai cuisine, ingredients and techniques to cook Thai food. However, it goes beyond just the food as it is an opportunity for me to share Thai culture including my own experiences and also showing guests about the life of vendors in the market.

What is the Thai dish you like teaching the most?

The dish I love to teach is stir fry with chilli and holy basil ( pad kra prow) - normally with minced pork. I love teaching this as I believe this dish is one of the best representations of real Thai food that everyone eats on a regular basis. It is also my favourite dish - Lol.

What is your funniest experience when teaching Thai cooking?

I meet customer from around the world but one of my customer reminds me of my funniest experience. When we explored the market she decided to buy 150 limes to take back to her home country. It was really heavy and I needed to help carry the big bag of limes when she went to get the taxi. I hope she did not have to pay for excess luggage on the plane or they would have turned out to be very expensive limes.


Do you want to learn to cook Thai food in Bangkok with Tum?

If the answer is yes, then check out our cooking classes and enquire today.

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