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Thai Cooking Class Photo Competition

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

At The Market Experience we aim to get creative. Creativity with cooking, creativity with food arts, creativity with flower arts. We aim to go beyond the expectations for a regular class and add twists, creativity and our own unique styles. After all, it’s not a class but an experience, and we are located in a flower market to seek inspiration from.

The Creative Thai Cooking Class Photo Competition

We want you to get creative with us. For the months of September & October we have decided to have a little fun to encourage our students on our cooking classes to focus on creativity and presentation. Welcome to our photo competition!

To enter, all you have to do is post on social media your best food photo from a cooking class at The Market Experience. This is also open for past customers but the photo has to be one that was taken during the class with us.

For those who take a cooking class with us during these months we will allow time and provide materials for you to really focus on getting the most creative food photo. Hopefully the food will still taste as good as you make it look.

The Prize

We have put together a fantastic prize for anyone who loves Thai food and cooking it. The winner will receive a selection of our favourite Thai food and cooking books as well as some goodies from The Market Experience. Our favourite books include:

  • Street Food - by David Thompson

  • Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen - by Leela Punyaratabandhu

  • Food of Northern Thailand - by Austin Bush

  • Thailand's Best Street Food - by Chawadee Nualkhair

  • 49 Classic Thai Stir Fry Dishes - by Dr. Hanuman Aspler

4 runners up will also be sent one of our favourite books.

Depending on where the winner lives, we may either send them from Thailand or order online in your country.

How to Enter The Competition

1) Post your photo from the class on Facebook or Instagram

2) Use the hashtag #CreativeThaiCooking

3) Also tag The Market Experience (@marketexperiences on Facebook / @themarketexperience on Instagram

We will comment on your post to acknowledge we have seen it. If we do not comment you can check we saw it my emailing us at


This is exclusively for guests who have taken a class with us. If it is not clear from the photo that you were at The Market Experience we will recheck that you took a class before entering you.

Note: If posting on Facebook depending on your privacy settings we may only see it if you tag The Market Experience.

How The Winner Will Be Chosen

At the end of October we will pick our favourite 5 photos and share them for the public to vote which they like the best. We will notify you if you are in the final 5.


Take a Cooking Class With Us

If you do want to enter but never learnt to cook with us then check out our 2 classes:

Cook & Eat - our 1 hour class where we teach 2 dishes

Thai Cooking With A Twist - our signature 4 hour class where we teach 4 dishes

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