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Resources to Help You Learn to Cook Thai Food at Home

Thai cuisine is loved around the world and while many people want to learn how to cook Thai food, it is not that easy for most to come to Thailand to learn how to cook authentic Thai food. As we can not host everyone for a Thai cooking class in Bangkok we thought we would put together a list of resources in case you wanted to learn to cook Thai food at home.

Our favourite Thai Cooking Channels (Youtube / Facebook)

Pailin's Kitchen

Pailin's Kitchen Youtube Channel

Pailin or "Pai" as she is known was born in Thailand but now lives in Canada. She has a great channel where she share's her love of cooking Thai food. Her young and bubbly personality make it enjoyable to watch.

Watch on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/PailinsKitchen

Marian Grasby

Marion Grasby - Facebook Page

Marion is half Thai, half Australian. She grew up in Australia and was a finalist and a favourite in season 2 of Masterchef Australia in 2010. Since then she has turned into a bit of a celebrity and sells her own food products, cook books, presents on TV, and has very popular Facebook and Youtube channels! She cooks a range of foods but the best of all are the Thai food episodes she hosts with her mother under the theme "Cooking with Mama Noi"

Watch on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mariongrasby/

- Specifically playlist "Cooking with Mama Noi"

Watch on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Marionskitchen

- Specifically playlist "Cooking with Mama Noi"

Our Favourite Thai Cook Books

Below are some of our favourite Thai cook books. We have provided links to buy them on Amazon, where for many of them they have Kindle or electronic versions. Of course we do recommend you check out your local book shop to see if available.

Thai Street Food - by David Thompson

Thai Street Food - cookbook by David Thompson

David Thompson is possibly the most famous non-Thai, Thai chef in the world and his Nahm restaurants (in London and Bangkok) at times were known as the best Thai restaurants in their respective countries (quite a lot of competition in Thailand). While he shot to fame with his high-end gourmet Thai Food, this cookbook gets back to basics and the soul of Thai cooking.

Buy on Amazon

Buy on Asia Books

Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen - by Leela Punyaratabandhu

Simple Thai Food: Classic Recipes from the Thai Home Kitchen - by Leela Punyaratabandhu

Leela splits her time between US (Chicago) and Thailand and has for over a decade shared her passion for Thai cooking through her SheSimmers website and social media channels. In this cook book she shares her passion for classic Thai dishes.

Buy on Amazon

Pok Pok by Andy Ricker

Pok Pok - Thai Cookbook by Andy Ricker

Andy Ricker is an American chef, restaurateur and cookery writer, known for his skill and expertise in northern Thai cuisine. His restaurants focus on food from Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia, but his book "Pok Pok" is purely Thai recipes.

Buy on Amazon

Food of Northern Thailand - by Austin Bush

Food of Northern Thailand - by Austin Bush

Austin is a photographer and writer by profession and his work has been published in many of the most famous travel guidebooks and magazines and publications. He is based in Thailand and has a passion for showing the country. Like most people in Thailand he also loves the food and through this book shares the specialities of the food from Northern Thailand.

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49 Classic Thai Stir Fry Dishes - by Dr. Hanuman Aspler

49 Classic Thai Stir Fry Dishes - Cook book

Hanuman has been living in Thailand for over 30 years and www.thaifoodmaster.com is his Thai food recipe journal. This book is a fantastic book that shares some of the classic and super simple Thai dishes.

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Hot Thai Kitchen by Palin Chongchitnant

Hot Thai Kitchen - Cookbook by Palin Chongchitnant

From the same Pailin who is famous for her YouTube channel that we introduced in the last section. A few years ago she also introduces this great book.

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Rosa's Thai Cafe

Rosa's Thai Cafe - Recipe book

Over the last decade Rosa (from Thailand) has slowly been stamping her name on the Thai restaurant scene in London and UK and now has around 20 branches of Rosa's Thai cafe. The book, Rosa's Thai Cafe, celebrates traditional Thai cooking techniques and features over 100 recipes, both from her and her family favourites.

Buy on Amazon

Cooking with Poo

Cooking with Poo - Thai recipe book

Poo (a nickname coming from the Thai name Chompoo), is the founder of a cooking school for tourists in Bangkok, that also goes under the name "Cooking with Poo". This school is based in and supports the Khlong Toei slum community in Bangkok. Given the novelty behind the brand she has built quite a reputation and this book has become a bestseller.

Buy on Amazon

Resources from The Market Experience

We also post regular cooking videos on our Facebook Page for your to follow. For those who have taken a cooking class with us, you can also access our online resources.

Learn to cook with us in Bangkok

If you are visiting Bangkok, don't forget to check us out and consider a cooking class with us! Find out more here

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