• The Market Experience

My First Thai Cooking Class

Culture and Cuisine: The experience of cooking and eating like a local.

I've lived in Thailand my whole life but never cooked Thai food. It’s the first day of my internship with Expique and The Market Experience and what do I have to do? Join a Thai cooking class!

A country’s food is strongly linked to its culture. Joining a cooking class is a unique way to experience the local cuisine. Not only will you get to know the dishes but also the story behind each delicacy. Furthermore, the most exciting part is indulging in your cuisine!

I had the opportunity to “Thai Cooking with a Twist” at the Bangkok Flower Market. The prime location overlooking the market is an incredible setting for the cooking class. With me was a lovely lady from Italy, passionate about cooking, ready to take this journey with me. The 4-hour experience of Thai cuisine started with making Miang Kham (เมี่ยงคำ), a Thai Royal Appetizer introducing the core ingredients used in the creation of Thai food. It is fascinating how a handful of ingredients are fundamental to various dishes. The instructor explained the meaning of its name to us. I was reminded that the name of the dish means “Single Bite” and thus provides a massive hint on how to eat it.