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Meet Alyssa - Our Head Thai Cooking Instructor

If you are going to take a Thai cooking class in Bangkok, then you would hit the jackpot if Alyssa Han is your Thai cooking instructor. Let's meet Alyssa to find out more!


Who is Alyssa?

Originally I did a Bachelor's in Public Relations from Bangkok University. However, over the last 20 years I have had a diverse range of experiences combining the fields of F&B management, culinary chef, media and PR working.

I have worked with five-star hotels such as Sukhothai Bangkok and The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok; with publishing houses such as Australian Consolidated Press, Hachette Filipacchi Media-China, Post Intermedia; I was a partner in restaurants in China, and worked in catering services for Sodexo in Finland and Norway. I was involved in the launch of several restaurants:

  • Thaifoodstation.com: the first Thai food delivery online in Shanghai

  • The Melting Pot Bar and Restaurant / Brasserie Alyssa Cuisine De Thailandaise / La Brassie and Sichuan Citizen in Shanghai;

  • Aula Lounge in Helsinki,

  • Thai Cuisine, as the Executive Chef, in Norway.

I have also been a regular contributor to Thai culinary websites: Best food in China, That's Shanghai, City Weekend, Byen.com, Velkommen.com, and Alyssahan.com.

I have lived, worked and trained in Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Finland and Norway. I am fluent in English, Thai, Mandarin Chinese (plus a little bit of several Scandinavian languages).

Did you come back to Bangkok to become a Thai Cooking Instructor?

In 2014, when I came back home to Thailand from Scandinavia, I was dreaming of opening my own cooking school but I found another opportunity with a good friend who is the founder of one of the best PR & Marketing Communication companies in Bangkok. Taking a position in business development of Brand Now for a year contract gave me more chances to understand the F&B and hospitality in Thailand after living overseas for 15 years.

I first decided to launch my own food blog www.foodandartsbyalyssa.com. However, soon I stumbled across the opportunity to get involved in an actual cooking school at one of the most touristic areas in Bangkok, at Pak Klong Talad Flower Market. And cooking classes at The Market Experience were launched! I have been Chief Instructor at The Market Experience since 2017.

As an experienced Thai chef, I have never stopped my creativity and innovation for Thai food. Creating a combination of different flavors with the root of Thai cooking inspires me every day.  'Thai Cooking With a Twist' is 4 hours cooking class that has become the signature class at The Market Experience with four classic each with a unique twist.

What do you like best about teaching Thai cooking?

I love to share the knowledge of my Thai cooking, so that customers can use those tips back home to cook their Thai dishes. I cooked overseas for more than 12 years, so it is nice to share the knowledge on how to make sauces using the ingredients they can find at home.

If you could teach any Thai dish what would it be? 

Phad Cha Taley. I love cooking seafood (aka Taley in Thai)! When I teach the customers who come to learn Thai food, all Thai spices, and ingredients are cooked perfectly with the juicy prawn, fish, and squid. Phad Cha is a sort of stir-fried medicinal Thai herbs with seafood, chillies, shredded finger-root ginger and green pepper.

What was your funniest experience when teaching?

I had a group of Hongkese, Hongkong Chinese customers. They were a group of friends and colleagues. They loved the food so much after cooking and they started dancing. So hilarious.

Anything else to add about Thai cooking?

My favourite preserved ingredient in Thai cooking is curry paste that I can pound in a pestle and mortar. It is the feeling of real Thai cooking when you pound all the herbs, spices, and chillies together and release the inner flavors. I have created different curry pastes and cooked them into the diversified dishes like stir-fried sweet red curry with crispy pork, duck curry with seasonal fruits, steamed seafood curry custard. Yummy! This is the best experience you can have in a Thai cooking class.


Do you want to learn to cook Thai food with Alyssa?

If the answer is yes, then check out our cooking classes and enquire today.

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