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Important Tools and Utensils for Thai Cooking - Our Guide

Ingredients for Thai food going into a mortar for pounding

If you are interested in learning how to cook Thai cuisine, it is also important that you learn about the most important tools used to create Thai food as well as how to use them. Traditional Thai foods will use a different method in comparison to Western cooking techniques.

Thai food

Thai food mainly consists of rice, some sort of meat, and vegetable. Fish, soups, noodles, and curry are also commonly consumed in Thailand. The entirety of Thai cuisines will involve the use of specific utensils and items in order to create these delicious foods. Thai meals will usually be eaten family style where everyone sits around multiple entrees and side dishes with their own soup bowls and serving of Thai Jasmine rice or white sticky rice.

Preparation of food

Thais traditionally will utilize their many open-air farmer's markets or fresh markets in order to buy fresh ingredients for the day. They will hardly use their refrigerators, and will sometimes use covers or cupboards to keep their food away from insects, since the smell of Thai food, especially those with fish sauce, will bring flies galore. Thai food will mostly use a rice cooker and a wok.

Cooking tools for Thai food

Thai food and techniques for cooking the food are derived from China and were brought to Thailand during their migration. Thais traditionally would cook in an open or outdoor kitchen. In a traditional Thai kitchen, you might find a stove, usually gas or charcoal, but sometimes they are built of clay or metal. On top of the burner, you might find a pot or steamer.

Thais will make good use of tongs when cooking many dishes. They will be used to handle charcoal as well. You might see a fan which will be used to get the fire started on the stove by fanning the coals. A bamboo tube would function as a fan to keep the charcoal glowing by blowing air through the tube into the fire. It is very common for Thai people to use a grill placed on top of the stove in order to cook fish or meat.

Skewers are common utensils used for grilling in a kebob-style method. You might see skewers of meat or vegetables on these sharp skewers. Rice pot or cookers are a must-have. In more traditional kitchens, these might be made of clay with a lid and no handles.

A coconut shell spoon is a simple wooden ladel that comes in many sizes and is made of coconut shells. Curry pots in Thai cooking is a clay pot with large handles the curl up to the level of the lid, making it easier to carry while hot. These pots can be used to make a variety of Thai curries that are delicious, spicy, and enjoyable.

A steamer is quite important in a Thai kitchen. These will also be made of clay and if not, it can also be made of aluminum. It should fit perfectly on top of a charcoal burner and is used to steam vegetables as well as sticky rice.

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