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What to Cook with Thai Pastes and Sauces - Our Guide

It isn’t uncommon to hear people say that Thai cuisine is among the most complicated cuisines in the world. That’s why many prefer going to Thai restaurants or buying frozen Thai food from supermarkets to reheat. However, Thai food isn’t that hard to make at all. In this article, you will find out more about a few pastes and sauces that you can use to make delicious, home-cooked Thai food. If you’re ready to create some scrumptious dishes, keep on reading!

Thai Green Curry Paste

Thailand’s famous green curry is incredibly flavourful because of the paste that is used in it. Green curry is actually incredibly easy to make once you have the paste to begin with. Moreover, it will be healthier and more delicious than buying ready-made curry or using a pre-made paste. Look for a fresh paste and then simply add your choice of protein, vegetables, or tofu if you want a vegetarian option. Just like that, dinner is served!