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What to Cook with Thai Pastes and Sauces - Our Guide

It isn’t uncommon to hear people say that Thai cuisine is among the most complicated cuisines in the world. That’s why many prefer going to Thai restaurants or buying frozen Thai food from supermarkets to reheat. However, Thai food isn’t that hard to make at all. In this article, you will find out more about a few pastes and sauces that you can use to make delicious, home-cooked Thai food. If you’re ready to create some scrumptious dishes, keep on reading!

Thai Green Curry Paste

Thailand’s famous green curry is incredibly flavourful because of the paste that is used in it. Green curry is actually incredibly easy to make once you have the paste to begin with. Moreover, it will be healthier and more delicious than buying ready-made curry or using a pre-made paste. Look for a fresh paste and then simply add your choice of protein, vegetables, or tofu if you want a vegetarian option. Just like that, dinner is served!

Thai Yellow Curry Paste

Another famous paste in Thai cuisine is the yellow curry paste. It has a unique fragrance and can be used to make an amazing coconut-based curry to eat with steamed rice. Not in a rice mood? No worries. Simply add noodles to the soup and turn it into your new favorite dish! To save some time, you can prepare the paste ahead of time, store it in the refrigerator, and take it out to cook whenever you want to.

Thai Red Curry Paste

If you like spicy dishes, you shouldn’t skip this recipe. Thai red curry paste can be made effortlessly at home. The reason why you should make the paste yourself is that you have greater control over the heat level. If you’re a fan of eye-wateringly spicy food, add as many chilies as you can handle. If you want something milder, one or two chilis will do. This red curry paste can yield an exceptional curry with any type of meat, seafood, or tofu.

Thai Panang Curry Paste

This curry paste is slightly different from the Thai red curry paste due to its creaminess and sweet flavour. Thai Panang red curry paste got its name from the city of Malaysia because of where it came from. The flavour of this paste makes the curry taste similar to Indian curry. It has quite an unforgettable smell. Just like any other curry paste, you can add your choice of meat, vegetables, or noodles when cooking it at home. Then, all you have to do is enjoy the distinctive curry flavor!

Spicy Thai Chili Sauce

This sauce is commonly referred to by the locals as Nam Prik Pao. It is incredibly easy to find in stores. However, it tastes much better and is better for your body when you make it yourself since there will be no preservatives. This spicy Thai chilli sauce is so versatile that you can add it in fried rice or stir-fry dishes alike. Aside from that, you can also add it into a pot of soup or stir it into some noodles for an added bit of flavor.

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce

Some people may think that Thai sweet chilli sauce is only used as a dipping sauce. However, you can adapt it for cooking as well. Quite a few dishes can be elevated with this famous sauce. As everyone knows, Thai sweet chilli sauce is the perfect partner for chicken and other fried foods. However, it’s delicious when added into noodles as well. Moreover, it can be used as a marinade for grilled food, bringing a wonderful flavour to your plate.

Thai Peanut Sauce/Dip (Satay Sauce)

In western countries, Satay sauce is usually made with peanut butter. In Thailand, however, vendors use fresh ones to retain the flavor and the crunch. This sauce is fantastic as a dipping sauce for both vegetables and meat, but it can also be used as a marinade or as a topping on cold noodles.

Thai BBQ Sauce

Contrary to popular belief, it’s a lot cheaper and easier to make your own Thai BBQ sauce than to buy it at the store. With a sweet and tangy taste, Thai BBQ sauce is an excellent dipping sauce and can be used as a marinade for all types of meat or seafood. During the summer, just pull out this sauce and enjoy it at a backyard BBQ!

Thai Tom Yum Paste

Everyone might think this paste is only for Tom Yum soup. However, you can use this as a marinade for fish or meat for a palate-pleasing dish. Want to really blow everyone away? Use the paste to make Tom Yum fried rice!

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