• The Market Experience

7 essential ingredients to buy from a market to stock your Thai kitchen

At the heart of the Thai cuisine we know and love is an extensive repertoire of fresh and store-cupboard ingredients that marks the country’s food out from that of any other and makes it sing to the hearts of Thai foodies everywhere. The difficulty in sourcing some of these ingredients – especially the fresh ones – is one of a handful of factors that weigh on how authentic (or not) Thai meals served in restaurants and homes overseas feels. And, whether in Thailand or abroad, stocking the pantry with the right ingredients is an essential task for anyone hoping to accomplish real-deal Thai home cooking.

Thai ingredients

But it needn’t be as daunting as it might sound – the key is to start with these bare essentials, which you’ll come to need time and again as you work your way through a compendium of Thai recipes. They are a mix of ambient goods, which will keep for a long time if stored correctly, and fresh pickings that you’ll need use quickly and replenish frequently. Of course, shopping for these ingredients at local fresh markets in Bangkok or elsewhere around the country is the best way to get the full-on Thai foodie experience, but you’ll find most without trouble at Thai and Asian stores around the world.