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Why a cooking challenge makes the perfect team-building activity

The benefits of team-building activities are well known to small and large companies around the world, from innovative startup businesses with a handful of staff at most, all the way through to multi-national corporations with thousands of employees and decades of trading behind them.

Whether it’s a simple ice-breaking exercise to introduce a new team to one another and streamline the process of working together, or a more complex away day consisting of a comprehensive selection of activities, team-building exercises bring people together and simply make good business sense.

If you’re looking to help your new or existing team to gel together and boost your company’s productivity and bottom line profit, don’t discount the idea of a cooking challenge or other food-based activity, either. Here’s why to book a cooking challenge with The Market Experience at Bangkok’s Pak Khlong Talat flower market for your next team-building activity.

Team-building cooking activity at The Market Experience

Bring people together

It’s common sense that people who get along well, and feel comfortable around one another, work better together and produce more efficient and productive outcomes for your business. And little brings people together better than food, so it’s the perfect way to achieve a streamlined, cohesive team for your company.

Whether in a short and simple cooking class or workshop covering Thai cooking techniques, or as part of a full-scale ‘amazing race’ challenge or other experience-based team-building activity, at The Market Experience our cooking challenges unite the team around a love of food and allow your people to discover something new – both about Thailand’s unique culinary culture and about themselves and each other.

By the end of a session with our team of experienced, English-speaking instructors, you’ll have a group of employees who feel more comfortable engaging with one another, putting them – and you – in a fantastic position to return to the office and hit goal after goal!

Team-building cooking activity at The Market Experience

Encourage innovation

Everyday business scenarios demand that your team think on the spot and exercise innovation and creativity in order to get the job done and deliver positive outcomes while making the most efficient use of valuable resources. Doing that effectively takes practice – and, while it might not be the first training exercise you think of, putting your staff to work in the kitchen is the perfect way to get them that practice.

In addition to our most straightforward workshops and cooking classes, at The Market Experience we can arrange fully organised food-based challenges that encourage your team to master a seemingly daunting task. Among other options, you can challenge your team to make a dash around Bangkok’s famous Pak Khlong Talat flower market – at the heart of which The Market Experience sits – to find and purchase an array of fresh products and then transform them into a delicious Thai food creation against the clock.

Develop life and business skills

There’s truth in the idea that if you can’t take the heat you should get out of the kitchen. But spending some time in the kitchen is also a great way to hone skills that are valuable both at work and in everyday life. Being able to pick up new approaches to an art as sophisticated as cooking – including learning about preparing different ingredients in ways different to those in a team member’s home country – can also translate into gaining a fresh perspective on work problems and developing innovative solutions to business challenges.

Needless to say, alongside all of this comes the opportunity to develop invaluable people skills including considerate and culturally sensitive engagement and interaction, persuasion and negotiation, teamwork, and management, as well as transferrable personal skills such as organisation, self-motivation, problem-solving, and time management. Other skills your staff can hone during the course of a cooking challenge include communicating effectively to ensure everyone knows what to do and is able to work together, and planning the best way to tackle and complete the task at hand.

Just as in life itself, in the kitchen things don’t always go to plan, and developing personally and professionally as a cook involves learning how to improvise, make informed guesses, and perhaps even deal with unexpected outcomes and find ways to turn a failure into a success or a learning opportunity. Those emerging from cooking-centred training exercises are better equipped to be able to take on the challenges of the business world as more determined, resilient and reflective self-starters and team players.

Foster cross-cultural awareness

Anyone who has spent any time in Thailand knows that delicious Thai food is central to the country’s culture – and getting beneath the rich tapestry of culinary influences and history is among the best ways to get a better feel for Thailand itself. Taking a cooking class or other food-related challenge gives your team the opportunity to get to grips with the best and most authentic of Thailand’s fresh ingredients, and to pick up some hands-on experience in traditional Thai cooking techniques.

In the process, your staff are exposed to Thai cultural customs and are able to develop a deeper understanding of the country and its people. That’s not to mention the valuable interactions that take place in a cooking challenge between your team members of different cultural backgrounds, as well as between your employees and our friendly, experienced English-speaking instructors.

All of this makes for an enriching cultural and educational experience that’s of huge value to both Thai and non-Thai staff working in a range of settings.

Of course, we can also fully tailor our team-building activities to suit your company’s goals and objectives and to help ensure that you get the best possible return on your investment in your team’s training and development needs. Just let us know what you’re looking to get from your team’s time with us, and we’ll design a programme that specifically has your people in mind and helps them get even more from the experience.

Team-building cooking activity at The Market Experience

Why choose The Market Experience?

Once you have identified a cooking challenge or other food-based team-building activity as the right option for your business, the next decision to make is choosing the perfect venue and activity provider.

The Market Experience – from Expique, Bangkok’s leading provider of innovative and unique tours and experiences – is based right at the heart of the Thai capital’s infamous 24-hour wholesale flower market Pak Khlong Talat, a stone’s throw from the bustling yet picturesque banks of the majestic Chaophraya River.

This location gives us the best of both worlds: our mezzanine-floor cooking studio is extensively equipped to allow for extensive engagement between our expert instructors and your team members as well as the best possible hands-on cooking experience, while also offering fabulous panoramic views over the frenetic trading action on the market floor below.

We have excellent relationships with the vendors that are the lifeblood of Pak Khlong Talat flower market – which also sells fresh fruit, vegetables, and other produce – and a number of our experiences involve participants getting up close with the market itself and getting a feel for its history and culture.

Additionally, our modern and flexible facilities mean we can provide events and training activities for groups of various sizes – up to 60 people or more! We can even take The Market Experience to your own premises and provide tailored team-building activities for you there.

Click here to find out more about corporate team-building activities at The Market Experience.

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