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The Best Pad Thai in Bangkok - And the Winner is?

Asking where the best Pad Thai in Bangkok is asking for a long debate. Everyone has their own opinion and preferences.

We decided to do our own test and after an initial survey narrowed our test down to 5 of the most popular Pad Thai restaurants. Our very own Alyssa also cooked her signature Pad Thai with a Twist in an attempt to challenge Bangkok's Pad Thai establishment.

To ensure fairness in the comparisons during the taste test we stuck to tasting their "standard" shrimp versions.

All Pad Thai's were kept warm and consumed within 1 hour of being prepared. Due to opening hours Sawasdee Ratchawat was an exception to this.

To judge we put together a panel of 6 foodies consisting of 3 Expat Gentlemen vs 3 Local Ladies. A diverse mix, but would it prove to be a diverse range of tastes?

To see who the winner was please watch the video!

Comments about the Pad Thai vendors we tasted.

Thipsamai Padthai (ทิพย์สมัย ผัดไทยประตูผี)

Probably the most famous Pad Thai in Bangkok (maybe in the world), so probably also the most debated of them all! For purpose of the test we used their traditional shrimp Pad Thai. However, we strongly recommend their speciality version wrapped in omelette. They may have not won on this occasion, however, if there was a competition for best orange juice in Bangkok, we would bet on them winning this.

Open daily 5pm - 2am


313-315 Mahachai Road, Samranrat, Pranakorn, Bangkok, 10200

Sawasdee Ratchawat (สวัสดี ราชวัตร ผัดไทยหอยทอด)

The overall verdict was it was a good Pad Thai and a little spicier than others - Pad Thai generally is not spicy. The shop is only open during the day (until 4pm) so in our test they had a disadvantage that it had been prepared the longest in advance.

843/2 Thanon Nakhon Chaisi Rd, Khwaeng Thanon Nakhon Chai Si, Khet Dusit, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10300

Baan Padthai >> บ้านผัดไทย)

The most expensive Pad Thai from this selection and with a famous Iron Chef as a partner, so it will always face critics. We tried the Pad Thai with giant prawns but their specialty is actually with crab. However, for a change we may recommend trying the version with grilled pork Pad Thai.

Open daily 11am - 10pm


21-23 Soi Charoen Krung 44, North Sathorn, Bangkok, 10500

Padthai Narok Taek >> ผัดไทยนรกแตก

It is impossible to fully experience this Pad Thai without actually going to the restaurant itself and watching the owner (Khun Aom) in his cowboy hat, energetically preparing every serving. Check out the special Pad Thai (with prawns, prawn crackers and fish maw). It's a very small restaurant for eating in which explains why there are usually queues for take-away.

Open daily 5pm - 10pm

286 Lat Ya Road, Khlong Ton Sai, Khet Khlong San, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10600

Random Padthai in Khaosan Road >> ผัดไทยรถเข็นจากถนนข้าวสาร

Whilst this may appeal to many tourists staying in the area, our unanimous decision was this is NOT Pad Thai. It may actually appeal to western tastes more than some but we can not recommend these random Pad Thai vendors.

The are many carts open daily from afternoon to late - but don't waste your time.

Padthai by chef Alyssa from The Market Experience >> ผัดไทยโดยเชฟอริสสา จากเดอะมาร์เก็ต เอ็กซ์พีเรียนซ์

We can honestly say we were surprised that Alyssa came second in the vote! But we are very proud. Being based the flower market we like to add unique twists when teaching to cooking. For this Pad Thai the noodles were dyed with Butterfly Pea to make them blue. Sometimes we will add edible flowers or even exchange the noodles for papaya!

If you want to make Pad Thai with a Twist check out our daily class Thai Cooking with a Twist

A big thank you to our judges

Do you agree with our judges? If you think you know another contender then please let us know.

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