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Our favourite markets in Bangkok

The Market Experience is based in Bangkok’s famous Pak Khlong Talat flower market, so it is no surprise that this is one of our favourite markets in the city. However, with so many other markets to choose from, we asked our team for their favourite market in Bangkok.


Our favourite fresh markets in Bangkok

Or Tor Kor`

If you want the freshest and highest-quality fresh produce, this is the market to go to. Or Tor Kor is also one of the cleanest markets in Bangkok and is easy to walk around, so it is great if you’re travelling with young children. There is also a great food court if you are hungry – and, because it’s situated next to the famous Chatuchak Market, if you go at the weekend then you’re in for endless market fun!

Recommended by Simon (Owner, The Market Experience)

Rama 5 fresh market and street food

The Rama 5 market is located at Nakhon Inn frontage road, and is the biggest around the outer ring road, running all the way from Nakhon Inn to Kanchanapisek Road. It is a well-organised market where it is easy to find fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, and flowers. There are also many food stalls serving the area’s neighbourhoods in and around Ratchapruek and Chaiyapruek.

Recommended by Alyssa (Chief Instructor, The Market Experience)

Pak Klong Talat flower market

Pak Khlong Talat is Bangkok’s 24-hour flower market, and it has heaps of history. It’s also the home of The Market Experience, where we bring the stories of the market to life and use its fresh, colourful produce – flowers, fruits, and vegetables – to create deliciously innovative Thai dishes. I love Pak Khlong Talat because it’s always alive with the hubbub of flowers arriving in huge quantities from across the country – there’s always something happening here.

Recommended by Tun (Manager, The Market Experience)


Our favourite Bangkok markets for eating

Nang Loeng market

This is one of the oldest markets in Bangkok. Set in the Thai capital’s old town, it’s one of the best places to track down fantastic Thai street food dishes made to recipes that have stood the test of time. You can find a whole range of delicious treats, ranging from stellar curries at Khao Gaeng Rattana to desserts and snacks at any of the countless other stalls. The surrounding neighbourhood is also a great one to wander around, including for a sight of Thailand’s first (now closed) wooden cinema building.

Recommended by Simon

Khlong Lat Mayom floating market

Khlong Lat Mayom is one of the many small floating markets located on the outskirts of Bangkok. I like Khlong Lat Mayom because the variety of food there is amazing, and there is also a great selection of local handmade products. It is a fantastic place to go for a weekend lunch, and there small paddleboats to cruise along the canal. Along the way you can take in the sight of local houses, and end the trip at a lotus farm.

Recommended by Alyssa


Our favourite Bangkok markets for shopping

Wang Lang market

There is no denying that Wang Lang market, on the Thonburi side of the Chaophraya river, is amazing for food – especially southern Thai specialities – but it is also in fact a great everyday market where you can pick up more or less most essential daily items. That makes it a great practical market at which to stock up while also filling your stomach!

Recommended by Simon

Soi La Lai Sap market

This is a great market for shopping in central Bangkok’s Silom area. I like to shop here as the market is like a bazaar with plenty of nice working and casual clothes, and between shopping I can stop for lunch – as well as buy delicious, Thai sweets and desserts to take home with me. The price of clothes here is both reasonable and negotiable.

Recommended by Alyssa


Our favourite Bangkok night markets

Talat Rot Fai Ratchada

Talat Rot Fai was among the first of the current crop of Bangkok flea-market-type night markets, and for many – me included – it’s still the best. The branch in Ratchada arrived later than some of the others, but for me it’s a convenient location that means it’s easy for me to browse the inexpensive street fashion, quirky vintage items, and countless food and drink vendors. It’s a great place to visit whether purely for shopping or for a night of eating and drinking with friends.

Recommended by Tum

Bangrak Bazaar

In the streets surrounding Saphan Taksin BTS Skytrain station and the Sathorn pier for the Chaophraya Express river boat service, Bangrak Bazaar is a local-feeling daytime market that has a great selection of everything from clothing to makeup and cosmetics, as well as plenty of easily accessible Thai street food. It’s the kind of place that’s great for grabbing something quick and easy as you walk through on your way elsewhere, all while being able to soak up the market vibe.

Recommended by Dha (Head of Operations. Expique)


Our favourite floating markets

Tha Kha

Most people visit the famous Damnoen Saduak floating market in Ratchaburi province but, in all honesty, it is incredibly touristy. However, not far from there, in neighbouring Samut Songkhram (Mae Klong) province, is the quaint and authentic Tha Kha floating market. Open on weekends and some other special days linked to the lunar cycle, Tha Kha is quite small but has a lovely local feel to it. You can also organise a paddleboat ride to visit local coconut plantations.

Recommended by Simon


Which are your favourite markets in and around Bangkok? Let us know in the comments!

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