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Special Event: The Flavours of Flowers - Pop-up Dinner

The Flavours of Flowers Dinner

Join us for a special pop-up Thai-fusion dinner on Saturday November 18 at 7pm at our exclusive hideaway in The Flower Market.

Butterfly pea flower, lilly stems banana flower, roses……. Each course will subtly incorporate a different flower. This 5 course meal will incorporate a range of different flowers for a truly memorable experience.

While the main focus is enjoying the tasting menu that our team will prepare for you, during the dinner we will also introduce the concept of “Tam Lae Tarn” – Do and Eat as we incorporate mini demonstrations and even some small activities.

We will pair each course with a unique drink created by our team but due to the nature of our location this is an alcohol-free event.

This one-off dinner is limited to 16 people so book now

Price is 1500THB per person and advanced payment is required

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