• The Market Experience

Welcome to The Market Experience

Firstly a big welcome to our new website www.marketexperiences.com and our first project is "The Market Experience @ The Flower Market".

Our mission is to help you "Discover the local culture through markets".

Through "The Market Experience @ The Flower Market" we hope to show you that there is much more to markets that you see at surface level. By digging deep into market life you can learn a lot about the local culture and nowhere is this more true than in Bangkok's Flower Market. We can learn a lot about the local society and culture by exploring the items for sale and what they are used for; who buys and who sell; how the market works.

The Flower Market does not only sell flowers but it is also one of the biggest fruit and vegetable markets in central Bangkok. Therefore it is a vital part of supplying fresh produce such as flowers for buddhist offerings, weddings and funerals; as well as produce for local restaurants. Therefore there is a lot to talk about with regards to Thai culture and rituals.

Not only will we show you about market life through our tours but we will run a range of workshops to discover what the items for sale in the market can be used for.