Experiences learning to cook Thai food from the comfort of your own home


Cooking at home with online lesson
Take an Online Thai Cooking Class
Cooking at home with online lesson

During this period when travel is restricted and many are confined to their own home we have decided to bring you online Thai cooking classes. This allows you to learn to learn a new skill from the comfort of your home. The cooking class is conducted via a live video call with an experienced instructor. 


Despite being in the comforts of your own home, through this online class we aim to give you not just insight into Thai food but also further insight into the local culture. Food is such an important part of the Thai culture that we hope you will go away with more than just a great meal. 

What’s included:

  • 20 minute planning call

  • 1.5 hours of video conference for cooking

  • Access to our online resources.


Online cooking classes but be requested 48 hours ahead so we can schedule the best time based on time zones and ensure you have time to get the necessary ingredients.


How does an online cooking class work?


Maybe you should consider this more of a mini project. There are a few steps in this project.

1) First is the simple bit. All we need you today is submit a request for an online cooking class (using the form below). There is no need to pay at this stage. We will only ask for payment once the details are confirmed.


2) We will then reply by email and discuss the best timing (taking into account the time difference) and the menu choices. We are conscious that you may not have access to all the ingredients needed for Thai cooking so we will review this with you and adapt the menu accordingly. If you want we can arrange a short call.

3) Time for you to make sure you have the ingredients. For those based in Bangkok we can arrange them and send them to you.

4) Time for your private online lesson via a video call. Our instructor will walk you through the process of making your menus step by step.


5) Eat. Once cooked it is time to eat. If you want to you can even share a virtual beer with the instructor!


What menus can we choose from?


On the registration form below we have a selection of menus to choose from. If you have another dish you want to learn you can ask. We will then communicate with your prior to confirming the booking to ensure the menu options are practical given the ingredients available to you. 

What if I can not get access to all the ingredients?


We realise that this can be tough and where possible we will help you improvise. During our initial planning chat we will access what is possible and what is not.


For anyone who does live in Bangkok we can arrange for ingredients to be delivered (ingredient cost + deliver fee).


Price: available on request

This covers up to 1.5 hours of video call where the instructor will guide you through the cooking. 


Currently unavailable

Menu Selection:

In a 1.5 hour video call it is realistic to prepare 2-3 dishes depending on the complexity. The class is limited by time and we will consult what is realistic upon receiving your enquiry

Dietary Requirements:

Suitable for vegetarians and other requirements. We adapt private online classes to your requirements. Please advise us in advance if you have specific dietary requirements.

How many people can join:

This is is a private online session especially for you. You can have as many people in your room as you want but the more people there are the more it may slow the class down.

Advanced booking is required