This 2-hour experience introduces Thai cooking in a way that is fun for the whole family. Ideal for families with kids aged 5-10. 

Available as private class on request

CURRENT PROMOTION: 3,000 Thai Baht for up to 4 people +500THB for each additional person (adult or child)

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If you are looking for a fun family activity in Bangkok then this is the perfect answer, especially if you want to experience Thai food!

In this class we have selected dishes that are suitable for kids and which can be adapted to add color, creativity and fun. This class also includes exploring the market in order to buy ingredients.

This is designed as a family activity and even the biggest kids of all (i.e. the parents), should enjoy the class and spending quality time together as a family. 

Your Fun Family Thai Cooking Class

This is a 2 hour class includes hands on instruction to learn to prepare 3 fun Thai dishes, as well as buying the ingredients in the market. 

The class starts with a quick warm up exercise of colouring your noodles. Yes, that's right. We will dye the noodles with natural colouring from edible flowers. 

Next, we will explore the market and be given the task to buy the missing ingredients that we will need for the rest of the class.   

When we get back to the classroom the cooking begins. 

Our first dish is what we call Cooking in Kroks. A krok is a small pan in which you can cook small round snacks. We will use quail eggs to make a snack called "Khai Nok Krata", and pay extra special attention to making them look beautiful. 

Next we will make Pad Thai with a colourful twist. 

The class will finish by making Look Choop. Look choop are Thai sweets that are made in the shapes of fruits, vegetables and sometimes cartoon characters!

Cold drinks will be served throughout and ice cream will be served at the end. 

This is only run as a private class so it is possible to adapt it to your families interests. However, the above activities has been selected and tested with kids in mind.

Key Family Cooking Class Information

Available as private class only:

When you book this family class we operate it just for your family which means we can adapt it to the needs of your kids.

Recommended Ages:

This class is great for kids AND parents of all ages but specifically the menus have been chosen to be suitable for kids aged 5-10.

Advanced booking is required


3,000 Thai Baht for up to 4 people

+500THB for each additional person (adult or child)

Includes: Welcome drink / 3 dishes / Access to Online Resources / Professional Instructor 

Normally 4,000THB for up to 4 people

Suitable For Vegetarians. 

Please advise us in advance if you have specific dietary requirements or allergies. 

For Those who want a more in depth cooking class we recommend our signature 4-hour, Thai Cooking with a Twist class. Learn 4 classic dishes with our own Flower Market twists.