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Come make your own garlands

Choose from a quick 30 minute garland making with a local vendor or a 1-hour introduction workshop


Garlands and other floral offerings are used daily in Thai society and have many meanings.


Khun Joke is our resident garland vendor and instructor.  He has followed in his mothers footsteps of making garlands for a living, and is on hand at The Market Experience to teach you how to make your own. 

Depending on your interest we offer everything from a 30 minute "quick & easy garland making" exercise with a local vendor (limited English ability) to a 1-hour "Introduction to garland making" workshop (with translator) which includes buying the flowers in the market. 

Garland Workshop Options

Quick Garland Making with a Local Vendor (limited English)


Prices start at 300THB per person for a simple 30-minute garland. A minimum of 2 people may be required.

Available on Demand

Note: Prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in the prices of flowers. 

1-hour Introduction to Garland Making (with an English speaking instructor / translator)


1550THB for the first person

+ 350THB for each additional adult

+ 200THB for each additional child


Available on Demand:

Available on Demand

To make a booking please contact us

Call us on: 098-398-9214

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